Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Back in 2007, I took my camera to see Marla Sokoloff (she was on "The Practice," "Dude, Where's My Car?" and "Sugar and Spice") sing at the Derby. It was VERY dark in there. Now, I emailed the Derby ahead of time and they said "photos okay, no monopod, no flash." So I didn't use monopod or flash, but lots of other people were using flash and the Derby bouncer guy didn't harass them at all.

All I could do is shoot at ISO 3200. I did manage to shoot at 1/125 sec though and just tried to hold the camera as steady as I could. 1/125 isn't so bad now, and even without a monopod, 1/60 sec is possible. I think I brought up the exposure for these in Lightroom.

Now, I could say that I posted this to discuss really low light photography, but really, I just think Marla Sokoloff is cute, I like her music, and I was excited about meeting her. I emailed a link to the site to her after the show and she said she liked the photos. :)

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