Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A long long time ago... (early 2000's and before)

Well, first off, a long long time ago, I used to use a manual Konica film camera - manual everything - exposure, f-stop, even focus! I only had a 50mm prime lens, and used the standard Kodak and Fuji film you could buy at the drugstore. Eventually, I think I favored Fuji because I felt like I got more saturated colors out of it. I didn't understand the camera though. I hadn't taken classes and I really didn't know what an f-stop was. The camera had a light meter, and I would just use it to set the exposure.

I think sometime around 2002, I took a series of cinematography classes at the UCLA Extensions program, which exposed me to a few different film stocks and I think I bought a zoom lens to do the assignments in the class.

I pretty much did standard snapshots - friends, family, vacations. Maybe later, I'll scan a few of those in. I had a few from college graduations in the 90's and some hiking in Utah in 2003 (with the movie film stock and the zoom lens). There were a lot of things I liked about those photos, but I'm sure I'll have some critiques when I look back on them now.

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