Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A long time ago... (early 2000s)

It was a dark period in my photography. I wasn't really growing, and honestly, I got lazy.

I found that when I went on vacation, it was just too much trouble to pack the camera. Also, remember with film, it was pretty expensive to have developed, so I might only take a couple rolls of 36-exposure film. I didn't have a flash, so I wouldn't shoot that much indoors.

What I found was that those disposable cameras that were pretty popular back then (early 2000's) were "good enough" and were more convenient and less fragile for packing. But these cameras kind of made me stupid.

There were just no adjustment choices to make - everything was fixed so I wasn't learning anything. I did write Kodak to ask them details about the camera and they actually wrote back saying:

> About 20% more of the scene will appear in picture than
> is seen in the viewfinder.
> Focus/Exposure - Fixed focus, 4 ft to infinity
> Shutter - 1/100 second
> Lens - 32.8 mm, f/11 single-element plastic
> Flash range - 4-15 feet or 4-14 ft.,
> powered by 1 AA-size Alkaline
> Flash output is expressed in candela seconds.
> At a distance of one meter the flash delivers
> approximately 250 candela seconds at full charge.
> The light is daylight balanced (approximately 6000
> degrees K).
These are from Cowtown Jamborama 2003, taken with a disposable camera. Actually, I think the photos aren't really bad, but something I thought was funny was either the disposable camera or the scanning equipment caught the edge of the film on the far left of the image. I guess I could just crop that out.

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